Sachin Saga Pro Cricket

Frequently Asked Questions

Game FAQ

How to Play

How do I play the game?
When the game loads, tap on the screen to make the bowler start bowling. Once the bowler releases the bowl, time and swipe your finger in the appropriate direction to hit swing the bat and hit the ball. After hitting, you can tap on the RUN button to take a run.
What does the Power Shot do?
Before the delivery is bowled, you can toggle the Power Shot button. The Power Shot button makes the batsman hit the ball with greater force but also makes the ball rise in the air. Use the Power Shot option to hit SIX but you can also get caught out in doing so.

Game Basics

What are Coins and How do I earn more?
Coins is one of the main resources in the game. It’s used for purchasing Cricketers, Event Tickets and entering special events. You earn coins by winning matches in Legendary Mode and Event Mode.
What are Gems?
Coins is the premium currency in the game. Its more valuable then Coins. You can use gems for purchasing Cricketers. Gems are valuable and can be earned by leveling up, from events or by purchasing them in the Store.
What is RP?
RP or Reputation Points is a measure of your skill in Legendary Mode. Its earned by winning matches in Legendary Mode. Every match has different RP based on match conditions & level of difficulty. RP earn depends on remaining deliveries & number of 4s & 6s. You can lose RP if you fail to achieve the target & the amount of RP loss depends of margin of runs he falls short of target. Replaying matches also earn you RP but lesser. RP lets user participate in exclusive events.
What is XP?
XP or Experience Points is the measure of your progression in the game. You can earn XP in the game by winning matches in Legendary Mode and Event Mode. By earning XP, you can Level Up and unlock new game content like Cricketer Cards and Events Mode.
What are Levels?
Levels are milestones that you can achieve by collecting enough XP. Each level has a name. You can check your current Level by tapping on your name in the Home Screen. Levelling up unlocks new set of matches as well gives you exclusive set complete rewards. By levelling up, players can unlock more cricketers which they can buy with in-game currencies. You also need to be Level 6 (Professional) to unlock Event Mode.
What is Energy?
Energy is a cost required to play matches in Legendary Mode. Every legend mode match attempt cost 1 energy. It has max capacity of 5 & it refills 1 energy per 30 mins. Player can also buy unlimited energy pack from store which removes the need for energy to play. Continuing any unfinished match will not cost any additional energy to the player.
What are Event Tickets?
Event Tickets are required to enter certain events in Event Mode. You can earn Event Tickets as rewards in Event Mode or by purchasing more from the Store.

Event Mode

What is Event Mode?
Event Mode is an online game mode that unlocks are Level 6. In this mode, you can create your own team of 11 cricketers and take part in time limited events. People from all over can take part and compete on the leaderboard. You can win exclusive rewards including signed bats, autographed t-shirts and a chance to meet the legend – Sachin Tendulkar too.
How do I get more Cricketers?
When you start Event Mode you will be given 15 Cricketers to setup your first team of 11 Cricketers. Cricketers can be of four rarity types- Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary. Every cricketer has specific batting & bowling strength. Legendary is better than Rare which is better than Uncommon and that’s better than Common. You can get Cricketers as rewards in Events, by completing sets in Legendary Mode or by purchasing them from the Cricketers section.
What are Trophies?
Trophies are points that you earn when you win matches in Event Mode. Each event has a leaderboard that is ranked based on Trophies. More the number of trophies, higher you will be on the leaderboard.
How is the target calculated?
The target in events mode is calculated based on your team composition (TEAM POWER) and win streak. When you start the Event Mode you will be guided to setup your first team. Make sure you add both batsmen and bowlers to your team. Your team has a Batting Strength and Bowling Strength which determine the runs scored by the opponent. Make sure to collect and equip your best cricketers. Your win streak also acts as a multiplier and increases the target score as your win streak goes up.
What is Stamina and how do I get it?
Stamina is consumed by Cricketers when you play matches in Event Mode. Stamina varies for different rarity of cricketers. For example, legendary cricketers have 5 max stamina while Rare cricketers have 4 max stamina. Every match consumes 1 stamina for all cricketers who are in playing roster. Stamina refills overtime & can be recharged with gem as well. If any cricketer has zero stamina, he cannot be included in playing roster.